Acti-Vate your brain- Facts & information

Busting with Vitamin E, B2 (Riboflavin), Calcium, dietary fibre and the best form of protein of all nuts, Almonds are the top nut in the health stakes.

Brazil Nuts
Brazil Nuts are high in Protein and Fibre and are packed full of Selenium. Selenium is known to contribute to the maintenance of hair and nails as well as contributing to the normal function of the immune system.

Cashew Nuts
Cashews are a source of Protein, heart healthy Thiamine and Vitamin B6, they are also an excellent source of copper which is known to aid glucose and cholesterol metabolism.

Hazelnuts are great for all-round health. A source of Vitamin E and Iron which is known to contribute to a normal functioning immune system and cognitive function.

Pistachio Nuts
Pistachios nuts are high in protein, fibre and are a great source of Copper, Magnesium and Phosphorus which contributes a normal energy-yielding metabolism and the maintenance of normal bones.

Soya Beans
Soya is rich in fibre and naturally low in fat and contains a range of vitamins and minerals including potassium which is known to aid the functioning of muscles and nervous system as well as maintain blood pressure.

Pumpkin Seeds
Pumpkin seeds are a powerhouse of vitamins & minerals including Zinc which contributes to the metabolism of fatty acids, normal cognitive function and the maintenance of strong healthy bones.

Well known for their anti-oxidant properties, Cranberries are also naturally low in fat and are a source of fibre. Fibre is known to help maintain a healthy immune system as well as maintaining normal blood sugar levels.

Raisins are a source of fibre, vitamin B6 as well as potassium and copper. Vitamin B6 is known to reduce tiredness and fatigue as well as maintaining the immune system and an energy-yielding metabolism.

Sunflower Seeds
Sunflower seeds are high in fibre and protein, are a fantastic source of a variety of vitamins and minerals including Vitamin E and magnesium which helps reduce tiredness and fatigue and maintain muscle function.

Known for their anti-oxidant properties, sour cherries also contain vitamin C and vitamin A, known to benefit the skin, immune system as well as eyesight. Vitamin C also helps the body process iron.

Goji Berriesgoji-berries-small
Goji berries contain an extraordinary amount of nutrients and anti-oxidants that give them amazing power as a superfood. Containing all 18 amino acids as well as vitamin A, B6 and more vitamin C by weight than any other food.