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Activewear for men used to consist of scarcely more than a pair of old shorts and a ratty T-shirt, and it was reserved for those who actually exercise.

However, in recent years activewear has become a prominent constituent of the global fashion industry. The financial firm Morgan Stanley estimates that the activewear industry could add $83 billion in sales by 2020. While
this is partly a reflection of an overall trend toward wellness and healthy lifestyles, there is no denying people are jumping on activewear purely for the aesthetic. Read on to learn the latest trends in activewear for men so you can be on the cutting edge of fashion.

Trainers have evolved from being designed for utilitarian purposes to being a touchstone in men’s fashion. According to Bill Cunningham, renowned The New York Times fashion photographer, “I can’t help but think that the young men’s sneakers are what the elaborate handbags were to women this century, when the all-important handbag was the statement”.

Transparency Market Research expects the global footwear market to reach $220.2 billion in value and 10.974 million units by 2020. This trend is largely fuelled by demand from millennials, the ultimate proponents of athleisure. Trainers have become a status symbol or can often make or break your look altogether, so it’s only fitting that they form such a lucrative sector of the men’s fashion market.

Joggers have come to be a wardrobe staple for men and the trend isn’t dying anytime soon. The jogger-chino hybrid that was all the rage a few years ago has thankfully gone out of style, but the more sporty version is still a menswear mainstay. Born out of the larger athleisure trend, joggers  can be spotted on the street and on stylish celebrities alike. Even top designers like Dolce & Gabanna have sent high-fashion iterations down the runway. Given their popularity, joggers can be found in almost any high street shop in tons of different designs. Joggers truly embrace athleisure ethos by blending sporty and stylish.

Chucking on a hoodie used to earn you no fashion kudos, but as high fashion looks to streetwear increasingly more often for inspiration they have come to be considered quite stylish. Such labels as Vetements and Off White as well as well-established fashion houses Versace and Balenciaga have done their own take on this classic sportswear piece, and the hoodie has newfound good standing in the fashion world. Of course you can hop on the hoodie trend by going to any of the high-street shops, no need to shell out tons of cash for a trend piece.

Tracksuits are another trend piece that has its roots in activewear. They also emulate quintessential early 2000’s style, which is making a major comeback. Designers again looked to streetwear when reviving the tracksuit trend, and all the top names in fashion have had their take on it on recent runways.

This trend has quickly trickled down into high street shops so even us laymen can relish in this noughties throwback. Just throw on a T-shirt under you trackie jacket and the look is complete.

Fitness tech accessories came onto the market purely as tools that would enhance your workout and monitor your health and fitness. Accessories like the Fitbit and Apple Watch have soared in popularity even outside the realm of the health conscious.

As people are generally leaning toward healthier lifestyles having gadgets such as these are becoming increasingly commonplace, not only for their functionality but also for the look of them. The Fitbit and Apple Watch are now bona fide trend pieces that can be spotted on stylish men everywhere.

In short, activewear has soared in popularity even outside the circle of the health conscious and can be seen on stylish men everywhere. We recommend a few key pieces in order to do the activewear trend right. Items like joggers, hoodies, trainers, tracksuits, and fitness accessories like Fitbits are the top trending activewear pieces that you should incorporate into your wardrobe. With the popularity of athleisure, wearing activewear pieces is a great way to breathe new life into your look while channelling the latest trends.

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