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Our range of super-charged trail mixes & granolas are packed with protein & natural energy to power you up for better performance

  • Energy Mixes

    ACTI-SNACK Energy Mixes are packed full of protein and natural energy to fuel you before and during training – so you never run out of steam.

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  • Natural Mixes

    ACTI-SNACK Natural Mixes are a source of protein to rebuild damaged muscles, carbohydrates to replenish glycogen, and magnesium & potassium to help muscle function.

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  • Keto Crunch Mixes

    ACTI-SNACK Keto Crunch Mixes have no added sugar so they are a high protein, lower carb option for effective muscle recovery that still maintains your baseline.

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  • Granola

    Our new granolas are plant based, high in protein, high in fibre and low in sugar, making the perfect breakfast to fuel right for the day ahead.

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New Horizons

Noel Hanna is a renowned adventurer and endurance athlete of the highest order who has dedicated his life to the mountains. His mountaineering adventures started in the late 90’s participating in long distance running and adventure races.

"Whether it’s climbing a mountain or running an ultra, I like to have ACTI-SNACK in my kit bag. I usually crave the Salt & Apple Cider Vinegar Nut Mix to wake my taste buds, and replace the potassium & magnesium I've lost through sweat."

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ACTI-SNACK is a range of supercharged trail mixes and snacks that power you up to go further, faster.